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How to look perfect for your Zoom Christmas party

Due to the current situation, many of you have spent the last few weeks or even months working from home, holding daily or weekly meetings on Zoom and co. Also, a lot of Christmas parties are going to take place online. Even though we all would prefer a real-life party, let's see it as a great opportunity to remove your baggy clothes and get dressed up.
Arrange everything in a way so that it really looks like you are in a Christmas party mood! And we will now tell you how to get there.

Get a Zoom Christmas background

When it's party time, your background and setting should be adapted accordingly. So, get rid of any discreet standard office wallpaper and go for a coherent Christmas background. Your colleagues should see that you have put some effort and that you would be a great person to party with in real life. Is your apartment nicely decorated for Christmas and presentable? Then you are also good to go.

Once your setting is in place, take care of the lighting. If you have a ring light, place it about 30 centimeters above the level of your eyes. This way, your face will be evenly illuminated from the front. However, it is better if you have several light sources or desk lamps. Place a lamp on the left and right side at some distance from you. The light should come slightly from the front to the side. You can place another lamp behind you in a way so that it is not visible in the camera. The three light sources should meet in the middle (with you as the center). Don't rely on daylight for your Zoom Christmas party, as it will probably take place very late in the evening.

Last but not least, your internet connection plays a crucial role. Don't rely on your WLAN, but set up a wired connection as well. Place your computer or laptop in a way that it is not near running appliances such as a washing machine or TV.

Hair and make-up for your Zoom Xmas party

Once your setting is perfect, it's time for styling. When it comes to hair, try to accessorize or incorporate a minimal change to your traditional hairstyle. From a center parting to a side parting, or from a side parting to a center parting - a small change often does wonders.

Now let's get to the topic of make-up: here, the first and foremost thing is to create contour. Digital Complexion Cream Foundation or Digital Complexion Fluid Foundation are particularly suitable as they perform perfectly in front of the camera and make your skin look as if it has been photoshopped.

For a light glow on the cheekbones, Shimmering Event Foundation is your product. Apply Glamour Glow for some highlighted contour afterward. Emphasize your cheekbones, nose, forehead, and jaw a little more than usual, so a difference is noticeable on camera.

Accentuate your eyes or lips with a pop of color of your choice to give your look that certain something. If you decide to use fake lashes, remember to customize them to fit your eye shape. You can do this by cutting the lashes as needed and attaching them to the outer corner of your eye. Glitter is always a good choice when it comes to a Christmas party. Remember to use a biodegradable product such as True Nature Glitter / Φυσικό Γκλίτερ that is mainly made of natural materials. This way, you're doing something good for yourself and the environment. If you drink or eat anything during the party, it is also recommended to use a Lip Stain of your choice – for that extra endurance.

Must-haves of our make-up artists

Leanne, Kryolan Pro Team (based in London, UK): 'Digital Complexion Cream Foundation creates the base for everything and makes your skin look perfect in front of any camera. My absolute recommendation for a Zoom Christmas party.'

Stefanie, Kryolan Make-up Artist Germany: 'Fake Lashes are an absolute must! I recommend TV 1 and TV 2 for a look that is as natural as possible but still outstanding.'

Cuan, Kryolan Pro Team (based in South Africa): 'I recommend our new True Nature Glitter / Φυσικό Γκλίτερ. The gold color, in particular, is just perfect for any Christmas look. I also love the sustainability aspect of the new glitters. After all, they are at least of 68 % natural origin.'