Focus-on: Camouflage Make-up For Vitiligo And Hyperpigmentation


In this live, online make-up demonstration, you'll learn techniques for perfectly camouflaging the skin conditions Vitiligo (patches of color loss on the skin) and Hyperpigmentation (darkened patches on the skin). This tutorial features the award-winning, Dermatologist recommended Dermacolor Camouflage System--the preferred concealing product of make-up artists in the film and television industry.

Topics include:

-Skin prep
-Neutralizing skin discoloration using color theory
-Base color matching
-Make-up application techniques using brushes and sponges
-Make-up setting and waterproofing
-Make-up removal

Our "Focus On" online make-up tutorial series is a great way to learn all about Kryolan Professional Make-up products and how to work with them. Open to all make-up experience levels.

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