Global Face Art


The renowned fashion make-up artist, Phyllis Cohen will join Global Face Art with a presentation on the topography of beauty, with particular focus on how it inspires make-up designs and her famous Face Lace. Cohen will be exploring and discussing the lines of the face she chooses to accentuate when planning her Face Lace designs with a respectful nod towards cultural references. Many cultures use the natural physical features of the face and accent them with adornments in celebrations seen in traditional theater and ceremonial mask designs. Usually highlighting the most beautiful planes of the face. While studying fashion illustration at the prestigious Art Center in Pasadena at the age of 19, her talent for dramatic styles caught the eye of fashion photography students. Their encouragement to do make-up for their shoots soon saw the native Canadian become a popular make-up artist in the fashion industry, even without a professional training. Since Phyllis Cohen has always been fascinated by faces, she completed a second study at the Goldsmith College of Fine Art in 1997. Focusing in depth on the analogy of faces through studying various fields like sculpture, painting, design, photography, sociology, facial attractiveness and forensics. And even now, after having drawn and painted faces for over 35 years, the self-proclaimed “face fanatic” thinks that there are many more areas to explore and loves to share her current knowledge with students around the globe.